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Relocation Services Return

Relocation Services

Return to home country/Departure

Returning home after spending a number of years in Luxembourg may be one of the biggest challenges of all in the relocation process. This is especially true when the expatriate has settled in well and has adapted to the culture.

Whatever the situation, Management Mobility Consulting will be by your side to ensure that the move back home go as smoothly as possible, by providing administrative support as well as individual and family coaching.

Our services include:

  • Departure formalities
    • Lease termination
    • Closure of bank accounts
    • Assistance terminating utilities and services contracts
    • Organization of repairs and cleaning
    • Move-out inventory and inspection
    • Deposit refund follow-up
  • Training and coaching for the return
    • Specific training program designed to meet the expatriate’s needs
    • Individual coaching sessions before and after the return home
    • Follow-up support by phone
  • • Job search assistance for Spouse/Partner
    • Personal assistance by a job expert
    • Job-seeking strategies depending on specific needs
Management Mobility Consulting is member of these relocation associations:

Worldwide ERC - The Workface Mobility AssociationRelocation France - Magellan Quality Label 2018Global Relocation ServicesChambre Franco-Allemande de Commerce et d'IndustrieSNPRM - French Association of Relocation and Mobility ProfessionalsEuRA - European Relocation Association