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New Service: Livability Assessments of Remote Destinations »
New Service: Livability Assessments of Remote Destinations Our Livability Assessments help the HR understand what facilities are available and whether the location is suitable only for singles, or whether it could work for couples and for families.
(MMC, 30 of November 2011)

Cost of Living: Paris is the 27th Most Expensive City for Expatriates »
Cost of Living: Paris is the 27th Most Expensive City for ExpatriatesFor the second year running, Luanda is the most expensive city of the world for expatriates. The Angolan capital is three times as costly as Karachi which is the word's least expensive city. These are the results of this year's Mercer Cost of Living Survey.
(Mercer, July 2011)

10 years MyMobility – New MyMobility Version online »
10 years MyMobility – New MyMobility Version onlineSince June 2011 our modified and updated clients' only MyMobility website is online with new interesting user friendly functions.
(MMC, 19 of June 2011)

EURA International Relocation Congress in Palma »
EURA Relocation Congress 2011 PalmaManagement Mobility Consulting attended the International Relocation Congress which was held by EURA in Palma de Mallorca from 14th to 16th of April 2011.
(MMC, 28.4.2011)

Spotlight on… …Dubai »
Originally founded on the oil industry, today the Emirate of Dubai's economy has a model which resembles closely that of the occidental countries.
(MMC, 8.12.2010)

The rental market around the world »
The Byblos banks group released on September 8th 2010 their annual study on the rental market around the world (published in the Byblos banks' Newsletter).
(Institut EUROCOST, 6.12.2010)

HSBC Expats Explorer survey for 2010 »
The HSBC Expat Explorer Survey for 2010 questioned over 4,100 expats from over 100 countries between April and June 2010 to produce the largest survey of its kind which reveals a wealth of information on the economic and daily life situations expats face.
(MMC, 5.12.2010)

The new MOBILI-PASS® »
Until the end of February 2011, take advantage of the current Mobili-Pass®
aids. By March 2011, new regulations will be put in place which will call
for significant restrictions.
(MMC, 1.12.2010)

The new LOCA-PASS® »
The LOCA-PASS® is a financial support for housing distributed by the French government.
(MMC, 26.11.2010)

The Explosion of the Parisian Real Estate Market »
After the transactions freeze that suffered the French real estate market in 2008 in response to the 2007-2009 economic crisis, since 2010, goods' prices as well as sales' volume grew again to reach historical peaks.
(MMC, 25.11.2010)

Spotlight on… …India »
After several decades during which the economic development had great difficulties to follow the country's rapid demographic growth, India has made great progress in the last fifteen years, particularly due to the demographic transition and to the reforms initiated in 1991.
(MMC, 22.11.2010)

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